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Attend First Meeting of Barrack’s Row Working Group

Brian Ready (ANC 6B03) announced Tuesday that the first meeting of the newly constituted Barrack’s Row Working Group will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 19 in the Ground Floor Conference Room at 700 Penn (700 Pennsylvania Ave. SE).

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B voted to create the Barracks Row Working Group (BRWG) at their February meeting. The goal of the group is to organize and facilitate meetings with business and property owners as well as other stakeholders about ways to ensure the long-term sustainability of Barrack’s Row.

Ready is one of two co-chairs for BRWG. The second will be elected at the March 19th meeting.

While the agenda is not yet finalized, in addition to the election, it is proposed that meeting attendees will:

  • list the challenges faced by businesses along Eighth Street SE
  • brainstorm ideas to address concerns with the 400 block of Eighth Street SE, and
  • set the date for the next meeting.

The main goals of BRWG are to develop strategies to market Barracks Row across the city as a destination; to think creatively and generate ideas for events and promotions to attract customers to Barrack’s Row; and to help facilitate fair lease agreements between property and business owners to ensure financial success for all parties on Barracks Row.

Ready said that a report on the initial meeting will be issued so that those unable to attend will remain informed going forward. Those with questions about BRWG or the meeting can contact Commissioner Ready via email at 6B03@anc.dc.gov.

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