Capitol Hill Day Celebrates Curriculum Night

Parents in the Classroom

CHDS Parents and faculty explore second grade study of Capitol Hill through field education experiences. Photo: Courtesy CHDS

Through hands-on activities, field experiences, and teaching methods, Capitol Hill Day School students learn to ask questions and draw connections. At Curriculum Night, faculty engage parents in investigating subjects from art to social studies, deepening their understanding of progressive education and their children’s learning experience.

This year’s Curriculum Night theme was Investigating the World: Developing Inquiring Minds. About 60 attendees chose from among these faculty-led workshops: A hands-on exploration of clay, the “maker movement” and agency by design principles in the Early Childhood classroom. Explore common map features to understand how to use them as navigational tools. Experience how middle school students investigate the physics of density with inquiry-based problem solving. Engage in a middle school Socratic Seminar on Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Essay No. 68 on The Mode of Electing the President, exploring the roles students play in large-group discussion. Using the second-grade study of Capitol Hill, learn how field education is woven into the academic program, and the many ways it promotes and supports student investigation and inquiry.

Black History Month Study of 1968

Fifty years ago, a group of Capitol Hill parents founded Capitol Hill Day School, with the goal of providing a quality education, a racially and economically diverse student body, a parent governed school, and a relationship with the community. It seems fitting that this year’s theme for the school-wide celebration of Black History Month is the cultural and political events of 1968. Those events continue to reverberate, and provide a lens for students from PK-8th grade to engage with black history beyond the month of February.

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