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Utilities, Banks Offer Federal Workers Help

As the Government Shutdown moves into the second month, a number of creditors throughout the District have stated that they are willing to work with furloughed Federal employees and other affected workers to keep the lights (and the heat, and the phone) on during the government shutdown.

Banks and Creditors

The Bank of America’s Client Assistance Program says it will offer personalized financial assistance. Call them at 8440219-0690

Chase Financial

The bank encourages customers to call their special federal employee care line at 888-356-0023 to discuss hardship programs available to workers. This help is also available for affected customers of federal agencies.

Congressional Federal Credit Union

Furloughed employees, including those working without pay, can apply for a relief line of credit, with an interest-free rate for 60 days.

Discover Card

Federal workers with Discover cards can request assistance such as skipping payments or reversal of late fees and interest charges. Call 800-347-2683 to discuss your case.

Federal Credit Union

The Federal Credit Union offers a ton of assistance to members, including covering initial deposit for new members, waiving withdrawal penalities, shutdown loans, skipped payments and extensions to home equity loans or lines of credit, in addition to offering financial counselors.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Offers union members with direct deposit the option to apply for interest-free loans. Federal contractors who received direct deposit cheques directly from federal government may also be eligible.

National Capital Bank of Washington

The National Capital Bank of Washington offers assistance to customers on an individual basis.  “We are dedicated to helping our customers with all their banking needs – especially in times of need,” said a spokesperson. “We recognize each situation may be different, so please contact us at 202-546-8000, so we can work together to find the best solution for your needs.”

Wells Fargo

On an individual basis the bank will work with customers impacted by the shutdown, and offer qualifying customers forbearance of payment assistance programs. Call 1-800-TO-WELLS

Guide to Rebuilding Credit for Formerly Furloughed Workers

In a recent survey, forty-nine percent of federal workers or their spouses admitted to falling behind on their bills as a result of the recent 35-day government shutdown, which can have a negative impact on credit. Creditcards.com created a new guide to help federal employees affected by the government shutdown recover from any financial setbacks that may have hurt their credit. It provides a wide range of financial tips that those recovering from the shutdown that many may find helpful, including:

  • Recovering from negative credit marks
  • Evaluating each individual’s current financial circumstances
  • Preparing for unexpected financial situations in the future

Find the guide online at:https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/rebuild-credit-after-government-shutdown.php



Has waived late fees and encourages customers to call to set up payment plans are alter due dates. Call 1-800-735-2258

DC Water

Has indicated it will work with federal employees to build flexibility into bill payments, including payment plans and assistance through the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE). Call 202-354-3600

Washington Gas

Offers flexible payment arrangements for government employees directly impacted by the shutdown, including payment deferral and a fuel assistance fund. Call 1-844-WASHGAS

Phone Companies


Is offering flexible payment plans so those impacted by the shutdown can keep phones and internet on. Visit www.att.com


Sprint says they will co-ordinate with customers to find a payment option that works. Call 888-211-4727 or start an online chat at www.sprint.com


Offers short-term assistance to meet the needs of federal workers, including payment deferral and flexible payment plans. Call Customer care at 611 from a T-Mobile device or 877-746-0909


Offers flexible payment plans and a program called ‘Promise to Pay’ that can be initiated in your My Verizon app, or by visiting the website, or calling 866-246-1445

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