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How to Prepare Your Home For Heating Season

The chill in the air outside adds to the holiday atmosphere –especially when you feel warm and cozy in your home. You’ll want to feel confident in your heating system. A little time around the house will pay dividends with comfort and savings! Here are more tasks you can handle to prepare your home in advance of the winter heating season.

These are tried and true measures to ensure your winter comfort, save energy and save money from Sila heating and air conditioning. Try these to keep your home comfortable and safe during the holiday season and all year round.

  • Let the sun in! Just as you try to block the blazing sun in the summer, you want to allow radiant heat during the colder months, particularly from south-facing windows. Close window curtains and blinds at night to block drafts. Quilted curtains are quite effective keeping the heat in during winter.
  • Wrap your water heater and keep thermostat setting at no more than 120 degrees. Get an insulating blanked for your water heat and insulated tape on the hot water pipes coming from the appliance in unheated areas.
  • Reverse the direction of any ceiling fans. Warm air rises, so ceiling fans can help circulate air flow in the winter. You want fans turning to the right, opposite of the summer; most have a switch on the base.
  • Close up the fireplace. Always keep the chimney damper closed when not in use. On colder days, you could lose heat from the house anytime the flue is open, even when you have a fire going.
  • Moisten the air. Get some house plants or maybe use a humidifier to provide moisture to indoor air, which can be dry in the heating months. Moist air feels more comfortable and holds heat better.
  • Stick your head in the attic. Check the level of insulation in your attic to prevent heat loss. The amount of attic insulation standard varies based on geography; generally look for 12 inches or more of insulation, or insulation to cover the joists.

A DIY checklist is a great way to save energy and save money, but sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional for certain jobs around the house.  When it comes to an annual heater inspection, cleaning and maintenance, it’s best to call a professional, especially if you haven’t made a service appointment for more than two years.

Experts in older homes, the team of engineers and technicians at Sila heating and air conditioning are available for inspections, maintenance, installations and 24/7 Emergency Service.

Regular preventive maintenance can provide peace of mind before the real winter cold arrives. A Sila professional can ensure your unit is safe, clean and ready for optimal performance this season. Schedule your appointment online now, or call 202-338-9400.

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