Silverman Triumphs and Sutter Upsets Weedon

2018 General Election Results

Ward 6 SBOE Representative Jessica Sutter Photo: Courtesy Jessica Sutter for SBOE

The passionate midterm race ended yesterday, returning the incumbents to DC Council and to many Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seats, but resulting in a new Ward 6 State Board of Education (SBOE) representative.

Incumbents Remain

Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) easily won re-election, capturing more than 76 percent of the vote against a slate of three lesser-known challengers, as did Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who captured nearly 87% of the vote in the race to sit in the House of Representatives. Phil Mendelson (D) was easily returned to chair DC Council, US Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown (D) remained in the role, as did Attorney General Karl A. Racine (D), all with around 93 percent of the vote.

Despite the support of Mayor Bowser, At-Large Candidate Dionne Reeder was unable to secure a seat on council.  Incumbent Elissa Silverman (At-Large) captured 26.6 percent of the vote to Reeder’s 14.42 percent, a difference of 39,631 votes in Silverman’s favor. Anita Bonds (D- At-Large) recaptured her seat with 144,371 votes.

Councilmember Charles Allen (D) was resoundingly sent back to council as Ward 6 representative, winning 88.4 percent of the vote. Allen thanked volunteers and voters on Twitter before expressing gratitude to Republican challenger Michael Bekesha. “He and I have some big policy differences,” said Allen, “but he ran with integrity and helped give Ward 6 voters a campaign focused on ideas & issues. I know they appreciated that.”

There was one upset in the election. In a passionate race for Ward 6 Representative to the State Board of Education, challenger Jessica Sutter captured 61.69 percent of the vote. Sutter tweeted that she was excited and humbled by all the support. She said that incumbent Joe Weedon called to congratulate her, offering his support in the work to better the District’s schools.

Change Comes to ANC 6D

Many ANC races were within ten percentage points throughout the evening. In ANC 6A, Mike Soderman was returned to represent Single Member District (SMD) 6A03 by a margin of 105 votes (a total of 927 were cast); Ruth Ann Hudson received 91 more votes than Alan Chargin in SMD 6A05, formerly represented by Patrick Malone. Stephanie Zimny captured 76.96 percent of the vote to remain Commissioner for SMD 6A06.

Steve Holtzman easily won representation of 6B05, capturing 74.97 percent of the vote in a race against Taylor Kuether for the SMD formerly represented by Steve Hagedorn. In ANC 6C, Joel Kelty and Chad M. Ernst ran neck and neck, with Kelty emerging on top by 31 votes to represent 6C05, the position vacated by Chris Miller this past summer.

Despite being the only candidate on the ballot, Rob Dooling received 1,791 votes in the election for SMD 6C06 — a remarkable number for election to a SMD. The seat was formerly occupied by Heather Edelman.

Rob Dooling speaks at the October meeting of ANC 6C. Dooling recieved more than 1,700 votes in his uncontested election as Commissioner in the Single Member District (SMD) formerly represented by Heather Edelman (6C06). Photo: E. O’Gorek/CCN.JPG

Change came to ANC6D, as Anna Forgie pulled in 1,000 votes to win representation of SMD 6D02 from incumbent Cara Shockley and Anthony Dale captured representation of 6D05 from Roger Moffatt.

In a three-way race for Commissioner of SMD 6D07, the seat vacated by Meredith Fascett, Edward Daniels took nearly half the vote, edging out challenger Brant Miller (32.36 ) and Patrick Witte (12.85).

Alexander M. Padro returns to represent SMD 6E01, but Michael J. Brown narrowly defeated incumbent Anthony Brown in SMD 6E02 by a margin of 15 votes, in a SMD that included 44 write-ins.

Representation on Ward 6 ANCs after unofficial election results are listed below. Winners of contested races are indicated in bold; incumbents are indicated by (i).

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  • 6A01 Marie-Claire Brown (i)
  • 6A02 Phil Toomajian (i)
  • 6A03 Mike Soderman (i)
  • 6A04 Amber Gove (i)
  • 6A05 Ruth Ann Hudson 
  • 6A06 Stephanie Zimny (i)
  • 6A08 Brian Alcorn


  • 6B01 Jennifer Samolyk (i)
  • 6B02 Geral Sroufe (i)
  • 6B03 Brian Ready
  • 6B04 Kirsten Oldenburg (i)
  • 6B05 Steve Holtzman
  • 6B06 Corey Holman
  • 6B07 Kelly Waud (i)
  • 6B08 Chander Jayaramn (i)
  • 6B09 Kasie Clark
  • 6B10 Kathryn Denise Rucker Krepp (i)


  • 6C01 Christine Healey (i)
  • 6C02 Karen Wirt (i)
  • 6C03 Jay Adelstein
  • 6C04 Mark Eckenwiler (i)
  • 6C05 Joel Kelty
  • 6C06 Robb Dooling


  • 6D01 Gail Fast (i)
  • 6D02 Anna Forgie
  • 6D03 Ron Collins (i)
  • 6D04 Andy Litsky (i)
  • 6D05 Anthony Dale
  • 6D06 Rhonda Hamilton (i)
  • 6D07 Edward Daniels


  • 6E01 Alex Padro (i)
  • 6E02 Michael J. Brown
  • 6E03 Frank Wiggins (i)
  • 6E04 David Jaffe (i)
  • 6E05 Alex Marriott (i)
  • 6E06 Alvin Judd Sr. (i)
  • 6E07 Kevin M. Rogers (i)