Rationale For Art


Our kids hate us—

that we can and they can’t,

That we know and they don’t,

that we’ve done and they haven’t—

Just like we hated our parents

and they hated theirs.

Every generation invents itself.

To seize the earth

They must first bury the last generation in it.

Sad and necessary.

Each troupe

has a lifetime lease on the theater.

And, when our last curtain falls,

we leave the stage to the understudies

With all the baubles and props we found there—

things bought with performance and talent—

Some ours, most left by our forebears:

houses, roads and bridges,

TV’s, and phones,

science and medicine

And poems and philosophy,

for those who are wondering,

And tombstones

and art

To remind our kids,

from time to time,

That we were here…

that we loved them.

If we’re history—dinosaurs—

 they can study us, learn from us,

Build on what we left them,

make everything theirs, for a while,

Without fear

that we’ll embarrass

Or upstage them,

or ground them for a week.

A Hill resident, the author believes that the appreciation of art should not be influenced by the vagaries or prejudices of biography.