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Let A Spirit Guide You This Halloween

Some tours of Capitol Hill are led by a guide in period costume reciting a lengthy script. But there is one tour this Halloween led by hosts with far more historical attachment.

National Nightmares is Washington DC’s exclusive hometown tour. Each tour is revenant-led, meaning that each group is guided by a ghost returned from the dead, some with unresolved issues with the past.

Created by resident professional and guild tour guides, National Nightmares LLC offers an experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else on any other tour of Capitol Hill or Lafayette Square.  

This Halloween, National Nightmares is offering the premier Capitol Hill tour ‘Hill of Haunts’. Often referred to as ‘the Most Haunted Building in America,’ the Capitol building, the Library of Congress and the surrounding neighborhood are full of spooks –and ghosts.

“Don’t expect our [g]Hosts to be entirely ‘PC’,” cautions the tour company. “This is the Nation’s Capitol, and the dead have much to say; one may hear a little more than our historically accurate tales of treason, treachery and tragedy along with an assembly of suitably haunted highlights.”

Courtesy National Nightmares LLC

You’ll learn about Lenthal’s curse, the hauntings of John Quincy Adams and former Vice President Henry Wilson, and specters such as the Phantom Cyclist and ‘DC’ that taunt the Capitol Police as they make their rounds on what was once known as ‘ol’ man Jenkins Tour

Hill of Haunts is offering just two tours on Halloween (Wednesday, Oct. 31) at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

National Nightmares Halloween tour is a little more grizzly than usual with some marvelous moments about contemporary haunts that simply cannot be found on any other tour in the entire city.  So, if you think you’ve got the nerve and you’re up for a tour that’s “led by the dead,” National Nightmares is for you!

Spaces are limited, so get tickets now to experience the scary spirits of Capitol Hill. Learn more by visiting http://www.nationalnightmares.com


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