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Two Accidents on Independence Saturday Night

Just before 7 p.m. Sunday evening, police and emergency medical services were called twice to the 1100 block of Independence Avenue SE.

In one incident, a car traveling southbound on the alley between 11th and 12th Streets SE failed to stop before entering the street, hitting a white pick-up truck parked on the south side of Independence Avenue SE.

The car pushed the 1 1/2 ton truck onto the curb, where it was crushed into a tree. No-one was in the truck or on the sidewalk at the time.

The red sedan had two passengers in addition to the driver. Witnesses said that it appeared nobody in the car suffered life-threatening injuries, although the air bags deployed and the passengers were slow to exit even after DC FEMS arrived on the scene to treat the occupants of the vehicle.

The DC FEMS team had just finished responding to another accident nearby. A man riding a Lime-S dockless scooter across 11th Street SE near Independence had been struck by a vehicle as that driver attempted to back into a parking spot. The man landed in a tree box on the east side of 11th Street.

The man suffered cuts to his face but continued home on foot after being treated at the scene.

Independence Avenue SE between 11th and 12th Streets SE was closed to traffic for a few hours Sunday evening.

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