The Jazz Project


Against The Odds •••
Reggie Codrington, saxophonist
Urban-jazz saxophonist Reggie Codrington, who is known for commingling contemporary jazz, old-school soul and dancefloor funk, has a scorcher new hit with “Cherry Sweet” from his 11th album. The candied melody bungees off the electronic beats. Flittering like a butterfly, Mr. Codrington’s free-form soprano sax improvs zip around, exploring the inner and outer edges of the rhythmic loop spiced up with a soulful vocal refrain from singer Pauline Harris.

Remembrance: A Collection of Cinematic Portraits •••
Jim Wilson, piano
Sweeping melodies and grandiose harmonies craft vivid sonicscapes in pianist-composer Jim Wilson’s Remembrance. Inherently expressive and sentimental his exquisite piano strikes resonant notes that penetrate deeply. The color and scope applied to his canvases varies, sometimes favoring a full palate of lavish orchestrations such as on opener “Shadow Falls,” the title track, “Under A Highlands Moon” and “Denouement”; other times choosing dreamlike hues (“Tangerine Moon” and “Diogenes Lantern”); or opting to leave his reverential pencil sketches sparsely adorned (“In The Stillness” and “Home is Where the Heart Is”). Whether the accompaniment be minimal and atmospheric or illumined by noteworthy musicians including keyboardist Brad Cole (Phil Collins), drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John), Irish flutist Eric Rigler (“Titanic” soundtrack) and noted session players Troy Dexter (guitar) and Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Mr. Wilson’s aim is to connect and lead his listeners on an affecting path of discovery.

La Fenice •••
Keith Jarrett: piano
This double album presents Keith Jarrett’s concert at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, from July 2006. The setting may evoke some parallels with La Scala, the pianist’s much-loved 1995 recording, but each of Mr. Jarrett’s solo performances is its own world, his protean creativity continually bringing new forms to light.


New Releases from ECM               

The Other Side •••
Tord Gustavsen Trio
Tord Gustavsen (piano, electronics), Sigurd Hole (double-bass), Jarle Vespestad (drums).

J.S. Bach Six Suites for Viola Solo BWV 1007-1012 •••
Kim Kashkashian, viola 

 Sungjae Son •••
Near East Quartet
Sungjae Son (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Suwuk Chung (guitar), Yulhee Kim (vocal, percussion),  Soojin Suh (drums), and Sori Choi (traditional Korean percussion on “Baram”).