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Trickling Springs Creamery Open at Eastern Market

It’s finally open! Trickling Springs Creamery at Eastern Market (720 C St. SE) staged their soft opening Friday, August 3rd, opening the doors and serving ice cream to excited Hill Residents.

Manager Daniel Burdge said the company is really excited about the new store. “This has been a five-year goal of ours,” he said.

Daniel is one of the first to receive his ice cream at the Friday soft opening of Trickling Springs Creamery (720 C St. SE), finishing a phone call outside so he could step in. “I love ice cream,” he said.

The store dishes out their own hard-serve ice cream in sixteen flavors, such as chocolate peanut-butter, cookies n cream, and strawberry, two of which will rotate and the rest remaining constant.

They will also serve Nitro coffee from Compass coffee, and in the freezer, Trickling Spring dairy products and what Burdge calls ‘dairy case items’ such as orange juice and sauerkraut.

Something to look for at the grand opening August 18th: by that date, Burdge says, the store will sell homemade cookies.

Manager Daniel Burdge poses against the ice cream case in the new shop. “It’s been a five-year goal of ours,” he says of the shop.
Fridge and freezer cases will carry Trickling Springs Creamery products and similar ‘dairy case appropriate’ grocery products, said Burdge.

“Our goal is to support small, local agriculture operations, mainly dairy,” said Burdge, who is also the Head of Retail at Trickling Springs. “Included in that is grass-feed, GMO-free vegan values, and supply really high quality, minimally-processed dairy.”

Burdge manages both the Eastern Market and Union Market locations, a feat he says is only possible because of his strong, DC-based team. He said the company is looking to hire four to five more employees over the next couple of weeks. Interested parties can contact him by email at um@tricklingspringscreamery.com

Trickling Springs Creamery Eastern Market (720 C St. SE) will have their grand opening Saturday, August 18. They will be serving every day until then during a ‘soft open’ to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Hours so far are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays. They may be modified in the future to better suit neighborhood needs. Call the shop at 202-312-7178, or visit their website to see the array of product.

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