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Annual Used Game Sale at Labyrinth Saturday

This weekend Labyrinth Games and Puzzles (645 Pennsylvania Ave SE) will hold the Largest Annual Used Game sale in the store’s history. There are many different items up for grabs, from steals on modern classics and rare treasures for collectors to activities for families looking to play together on a rainy day.

The sale of almost 2000 games from over 125 sellers kicks off Saturday with a day-long auction, including live, silent and sealed-bid blocks for the most exciting items.

A full schedule of the auction can be found on the Labyrinth Games and Puzzles website. To participate in any of the auctions, register for a bidder number. This can be done in the store on Saturday, or in advance online.

Starting at 10 a.m. on the day following the auction, Sunday, July 29th, the remaining items will be sold in a massive rummage sale perfect for treasure hunters.

Prices drop as the day goes on, so the best deals can be found in the afternoon. Early risers looking to line up ahead of time should go to the rear door, located on D Street SE. A full list of the items for sale can be found here.

In addition to the Used Game Sale, check out the Once-a-Year-Only, store-wide sale starting Saturday, July 28 and continuing until August 5. Items throughout the store will be on sale with discounts up to 50%. Regularly priced items are eligible for the Roll a D20 sale. Roll a twenty-sided die to determine the percentage of your discount.

The proceeds from the Used Game Sale are split between the sellers and the store’s Teacher Fund, Aftercare Program, and demo library. Last year, the Used Game Sale raised over $4,700 to buy games for local teachers, school children, and the neighborhood.

Labyrinth Games and Puzzles is located at 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE. Check out their website at http://www.labyrinthgameshop.com or give them a call at 202-544-1059.

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