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Fountains On in C Street Plaza

On Monday, the fountains in the C Street SE Plaza at 700 Penn (700 Pennsylvania Ave SE) were turned on, the final flourish in the Hine Project development.

“700 Penn LP is very excited to introduce this visual and play element to the Eastern Market community,” said Alejandro Golding, Vice President at Stanton Development. Stanton built the project together with EastBanc Development. The official ribbon-cutting took place in December 2017.

“Our goal has always been to enliven the plaza with community-oriented spectacle.”

Golding said children are welcome to play in the fountains. Stanton ensured they would be safe for public use, ensuring the water has the same chlorine levels as a regular swimming pool.

The fountains are on weekdays from approximately 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., but are programmed not to run on the weekends in deference to the Flea Markets that occupy the plaza space.

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