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ANC Commissioner Miller Steps Down

At the July 11th meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6C, Commissioner Chris Miller (6C05) announced that July would be his last full ANC meeting as representative for his Single Member District. 

Miller called ‘dibs’ on the last motion of the meeting, generously surrendered by Mark Eckenwiler (6C04) during the discussion of Planning and Zoning Committee business.

“The past three and a half years have been a tremendous privilege —only occasionally frustrating —helping the neighborhood and helping the neighbors,” he said, noting especially the challenges presented by the alley on the 500 block of H and Sixth Streets NE.

“It’s been great working with all of you, it’s been great helping the community. I’m really sad this is my last meeting,” he said.

Miller poses as he listens to Eckenwiler describe a Planning and Zoning Committee letter at the July meeting of ANC 6C.

Miller will be relocating to Roanoke, Virginia at the end of July to join his spouse, who had already moved the previous Monday for reasons of employment. He said the move will be a significant adjustment, as the community offers fewer around-the-clock amenities such as grocery stores and will require more driving than his District neighborhood. 

Miller nonetheless offered to stand as the back-up ANC representative in negotiations for a neighborhood agreement related to an Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Administration hearing expected to be completed in the two weeks following the July 11th meeting. He said he would also try to complete his Tree Box Beautification program in the last weeks of his tenure, “as my wife is out of town at her new job and can’t tell me I have other things to do.” 

“Like many other distinguished DC government servants, Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, Harry Thomas, I have to leave my term of service earlier than I planned,” he joked.

“I think we will all miss you,” said Commissioner Eckenwiler (6C04), “It’s been great to have you on the commission for the last two and a half years.”

“If we picket your house, will that change your mind?” Eckenwiler asked, before turning to Chair Karen Wirt (6C02), smirking.

“Madam Chair, I have a motion.”

At press, no candidacies for SMD 6C05 were yet declared.

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