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Police Arrest Package Thief Near Stanton Park

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Officers spotted a man dragging what was described as an unusually large trash bag as he walked from an alley near Fourth and A Streets NE Tuesday evening, two blocks south of Stanton Park. According to reports from MPD, the size drew the officer’s suspicions, and when questioned the man “appeared nervous right away.”

In the course of the conversation, the man was identified and the officers found that he had an outstanding warrant for arrest in relation to a previous theft in the area. When the officers opened the giant garbage bag, they found that it contained numerous packages believed to be stolen from multiple locations in the area.

The officers arrested the man and charged him with numerous thefts as well as the outstanding warrant. 

Package theft is rampant on the Hill, where packages may sit for hours on front stoops between delivery and pick up by residents. Tuesday’s is only the latest arrest by MPD of a package thief prompted by suspicious behavior and the presence of a large bag.

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