July 4th Capitol Hill Parade Hot Swirl of Color

Crowds Brave Heat to Watch Village Parade

Children pose with 'Uncle Sam' on Barracks Row during the 2018 Capitol Hill July 4th parade.

The Capitol Hill Fourth of July Parade kicked off at 10 a.m., with the Marine Band leading the hour-long display of community pride.

This year’s Grand Marshall was Councilmember Charles Allen (D), and the parade was also attended by Director of the Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) Tommy Wells, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Councilmember Elissa Silverman and District Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.

First District Commander Morgan Kane (L) and Councilmember Charles Allen (Ward 6-D), the Parade Grand Marshall, converse as they walk July 4.
Council Chairman Phil Mendelson smiles as he walks in the Capitol Hill July 4 parade.
The Marine Band led the July 4 parade off at 10 a.m. Wednesday.
Representatives of Greyhounds of Capitol Hill dress up despite the heat to march in the parade.

Costumes were plentiful in the parade, despite the heat. The Capitol Hill Continentals wore full regalia, with a George Washington greeting the crowd. Two dance troupes, Fraternity Tinkus Bolivia USA and Sambos Caporales, both from Virginia, leapt, twirled and swayed in elaborate, heavy costume despite tremendous heat.

Temperatures topped 90 degrees, but crowds gathered early, sporting their red, white and blue and posing for photos with the Marine Band, Uncle Sam and one another as they gathered mostly on the east side of Eighth Street SE to enjoy the parade from the shade.

Dancers from Sambos Caporales, Virginia, leap as they perform at the 2018 Capitol Hill July 4 Parade.
Dancers from Sambos Caporales, Virginia pose after the show.
Young dancers from Fraternity Tinkus Bolivia USA brave the heat to dance in the Capitol Hill July 4 parade. The troupe ensured they were well-hydrated throughout the event.


A dancer from Fraternity Tinkus waves from the parade route.

There seemed to be a lot of candy tossed this year, with particularly good arms on those throwing treats on behalf of Boy Scout Troup 280, Naval Lodge #4 and of course, the Men in Blue of the Capitol Hill BID who added (fake) roses to their buckets of treats this year. Miracle Theater offered popcorn, balloons, water and the comfort of the theater’s air-conditioning and Mayor Muriel Bowser tossed children balls colored Bowser-green.

A Man in Blue hands a girl a rose during the July 4 parade.
One of many candy scrambles on the parade route.

An hour after it started, the parade was complete. The crowd milled with participants in the Eastern Market Plaza or visited Fire Truck Company 7 and Engine Company 18 at the Eighth Street Station, where personnel helped children climb in and out of equipment.

As the day boiled on towards noon, the Blue Men of the BID, having emptied their cans of treats on their voyage north, turned to go south and collect the wrappers left behind.

A Firefighter helps a boy out of Fire Engine #18 as he visits the Eight Street station after the July 4 parade.
A girl is helped into the rear truck of Fire Truck no. 7.
Students from Payne Elementary School march in the parade.
Maury Elementary School carries the banner.
Two Elsas from the Mothers on the Hill (MOTH) Costume Brigade give candy to parade attendees Wednesday morning.
Families from Waterfront Academy Montesorri represent in the parade.
Girls sporting red, white and blue pose with a friend as they watch the parade near the Marine Barracks.
Star-eyes look out of a ’38 Buick as it proceeds down Eighth Street.
Republican Candidate for Wrad 6 Council Michael Bekesha poses with his spouse, Holly, their dog Sprocket (not pictured) and supporters as they walk in the Capitol Hill parade. Bekesha is the only Republican candidate running for a council seat.
A Bekesha supporter tosses candy to the crowd.
A little girl holds on to a balloon as her Dad confirms that she is okay in all the heat. Temperatures topped 90 degrees during the parade.
DOEE Director Tommy Wells marches behind a Bowser supporter in the parade Wednesday.
A girl waves a flag as she watches the parade.
A Department of Public Works (DPW) watches the parade from a dump truck placed to block an intersection along the parade route.
George Washington, of the Capitol Hill Continentals, confers with his ‘Apprentice’ as they move past the Marine Barracks during the parade.
A future voter scrutinizes the local press.
John ‘Peterbug’ Matthews prepares to hurl some candy into the crowd.
Children discuss whose candy is whose.
A Cub Scout rockets candy into the crowd from his perch on a wagon as Troop 280 walks in the July 4 parade.
Girl Scouts from Troop 44021 ride in the back of the Scout Truck in the middle of the Capitol Hill July 4th parade Wednesday.
A young man hands out flags on behalf of Naval Lodge no. 4 as he marches in the parade Wednesday.
Spectators watch the parade from in front of the Shakespeare building Wednesday.
A Blue Man from the Capitol Hill BID walks south on Eighth Street SE Wednesday, retracing the route he walked to toss candy as part of the July 4th parade.