ANC 6D Report


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D met on June 11. Commissioners Meredith Fascett (6D07, chair), Cara Shockley (6D02), Gail Fast (6D01, secretary), Ronald Collins (6D03, treasurer) and Rhonda N. Hamilton (6D06) were on the dais. Andy Litsky (6D04, vice chair) and Roger Moffatt (6D05) were absent.

All Star Week Traffic Plan
Captain Robert T. Glover of the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Special Operations Department briefed commissioners on the Traffic Operations and Parking Plan (TOPP) for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week planned for July13 to 17. While the game itself is on the evening of July 17, major associated events begin the Friday before. In addition, Audi Field opens on the evening of July 14.

To ensure traffic flow, beginning July 13 and ending on July 17, First Street and Potomac Avenue SE will be one way, limited to southbound traffic. The streets will be divided into three lanes. The eastern lane will accommodate traffic headed to hotel, valet and Garage C, as well as VIP Buses The center lane will be restricted to emergency vehicles. The western lane will be restricted to those traveling to DC Water, Dock 79 or on bicycles. Sections of N Place SE next to Nationals Park will be closed to vehicles. Traffic on Van Street SE between M and N Streets will also be restricted.

The usual emergency parking restrictions for Nationals game days will be in effect. In addition, parking will be banned on L and K Streets between Third Street and South Capitol as well as on Third Street SE itself between I and M Streets. The curbside will be used for for-hire vehicular pickup and drop off. Uber, Lyft and cabs will be banned from picking up or dropping off on M Street SE, First St. SE, Potomac Avenue SE or South Capitol. Traffic control officers will be stationed at intersections along M Street from 11th Street SE to Fourth Street SW.

Most activities associated with All Star Week will take place either at Nationals Stadium or at “Playball Park,” which will be located on the empty lot between First Street and New Jersey Avenue SE below M Street. This is the site of the Trapeze School. Police will maintain a security perimeter around this area from July 13 until the All-Star Game is over.

Captain Glover urged residents to walk to the All-Star events if possible. Traffic may be particularly snarled by the Color Run planned for the morning of July 14 and the sold-out Homerun Derby on July 16. The All-Star Game itself is scheduled for the evening of July 17. It is also sold out.

Having briefed the commission, Captain Glover departed. Lindsey Parker, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) deputy chief of staff fielded questions from the commission and from the audience.

Commissioners asked about the TOPP for Audi Field’s opening day. Parker stated that it was in draft and not ready for public presentation.

“This is really a disservice and disappointment,” stated Commissioner Fast speaking on behalf of her fellows. “Please take that back to the Mayor.” Parker promised the commission a copy of the Audi TOPP by June 25.

Commissioners enquired about the plan for residential parking enforcement. Would there be towing? The next revision of the TOPP would show areas subject to towing, Parker promised.

Commissioner Shockley pointed out that the All Star TOPP omitted the western end of the Commissioner near 9th Street SW, which is a major entry point for traffic.

Speaking of the roads in her single member district and the deployment of traffic control officers proposed under the TOPP, Commissioner Hamilton said, “Our streets are so narrow, it is not enough.”

Concerns of the commissioners were echoed by those of angry residents.

“In a city where two sports teams exist which you have known about for a long time, I consider it totally inadequate planning on the part of the city that the opening of the soccer field is during All Star Week. It seems to me as a city, as the mayor and the mayor’s office, it would have been possible a year ago to have worked out a plan that plan that did not produce this problem,” stated Marjorie Lightman, a resident of Southwest and former ANC 6D commissioner.

Other Matters
Lt. Marquis Queen of MPD’s First District (MPD 1D), Sector 3, stated that the evening of the Capitals’ last game resulted in an uptick in robberies. All the cases have been closed, he said. MPD has stationed more bike cops in Southwest below M Street in response to recent reports of gunfire. Lt. Queen takes the issue of food trucks on E Street SW very personally. Whenever they are caught, they are moved on.

The Capitol Fringe Festival is in Southwest this year. Between July 7 and 29, there will be between 80 and 90 productions involving 400 performances in five venues. The box office will be located next to Safeway. The official entertainment venue is City Bar at Hyatt Place, 400 E St. SW. For more information, visit Commissioners encouraged organizers to make sure that patrons knew that there was very limited parking.

A representative from the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) informed the commissioner that the agency planned to add more bikeshare stations below I-695. Two locations were contemplated: M and Third Streets SE and I and Third Streets SW.

Representatives from the Save Our Tipps Campaign spoke against the passage of Initiative 77.

The commission unanimously requested DDOT convert the 900 block of Seventh Street SW into residential only parking. In addition, it asked that nine spots of this area be used for Jefferson School pickup and drop off while the school was under construction. The commission also requested that DDOT remove the signs for old bus stop that is no longer utilized.

Kimberly Manning from the Frederick Douglass Bridge Project stated that no on shore construction was planned until after All Star Week.

The commissioners voted unanimously to:

  • approve May minutes;
  • send a letter in support of the 2018 Fringe Festival;
  • send a letter in support of the Prevent Cancer 5K on Sept. 16;
  • approve the appointment of Elizabeth Ashwell as the representative from Single Member District (6B-04) to the commission’s Alcohol Beverage subcommittee;
  • amend the community agreement with District Hardware, 730 Maine Ave. SW, for extended hours its summer garden;
  • approve both a stipulated and permanent tavern license for Aslin Beer Garden, 1299 First St. SE,
  • approve a Class B license for the hotel store located in the southwest Holiday Inn, 550 C St. SW;
  • amend the community agreement with Del Marr, 791 Wharf St. SW, to permit an additional second floor summer garden along with a stipulated license;
  • send a letter of support for the modification of consequence to the Planned Unit Development at 250 M St. SE, which is the location of the new DDOT headquarters;
  • authorized Commissioner Hamilton to request a DDOT traffic study of Q Street SW given the plans for a Second Street SW cycle track that will result in the loss of residential parking spaces;
  • send a request to DDOT for a traffic calming study between South Capitol and First Streets SE;
  • support a resident’s plan to fence a side yard on the 600 block of South Capitol Street SE;
  • approved the expenditure of $50,000 in Monument Community Benefit Agreement funds for the hiring of an interim Director of the Southwest Community Center planned for the new Forrest City development at Waterside Station;
  • approved reimbursement to former commission Administrator Shaun Carter for travel and training of his replacement.

The next ANC 6D meeting will be held on July 9 at 7 p.m. at 1100 Fourth St. SW. Visit for more information.