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Listen to Interviews with Primary Candidates

 As the primary election nears, there have been opportunities to hear from candidates on the issues at the debates and in the press. But If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to sit down and have a more casual conversation with candidates like Incumbent Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton or challenger for Shadow Senator Andria Thomas, Maria Helena Carey of ‘The Hill is Home’ has you covered.

Carey interviewed five of six candidates in the upcoming primary election in a series of podcasts for the neighborhood blog site (the sixth interview, with incumbent Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen (D), is expected to take place later this week). UPDATE: the interview is now available.

Carey said the intimacy of hearing a candidate carrying out a more informal conversation “allows you to hear their reactions and form an opinion about how they come across as people.”

Those interviewed include incumbent U.S. Delegate to the House of Representatives for the District of Columbia Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-D), challenger for Delegate to the House Kim R. Ford, incumbent Shadow Senator for DC Michael D. Brown, candidate for U.S. Shadow Senator Andria Thomas, candidate for Ward 6 Council Lisa Hunter and incumbent Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen (D).

Carey asked key questions in the interviews, querying Ford about what she’d do differently as Delegate to the House of Representatives, and asking both candidates for Shadow Senator about their five-year plans for statehood and how they plan to protect DC from Congressional oversight. In her interview with Hunter, Carey asked the candidate for Ward 6 Council how she might address issues in middle and high schools, as well as about her focus on campaigning against the incumbent, rather than on her policy points.

“Everyone was very gracious and willing to answer my questions and to make the time to talk to me, so I’m grateful for that,” Carey said.

You can listen to all the interviews with each candidate by clicking on their names above. Or find all the interviews and full transcripts at the Hill is Home website, or follow them on Twitter.

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