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Amidon-Bowen Holds Its First Soiree

Despite a downpour, parents and friends of the Amidon Bowen elementary school, located on I Street SW, celebrated their first, annual Soiree. Inside the Dock Master’s House at the Wharf, there was good food, hand clapping and singing.

The sold-out event was attend by Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen and members of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D.
As the grown-ups nibble, visited, and entered bids at the silent auction tables, the school choir entertained. Lucy Rojansky, a member of the fundraising committee and organizer of the silent auction, held her breath as the ticker climbed. The school met  its goal of raising $10,000 at the moment as the students finished their last song.

The successful evening marks Amidon Bowen’s increased visibility and support from the Southwest community, which includes many new young families. The event marked an important step in supporting Southwest’s sole public elementary school.

The Amidon-Bowen Parent Teacher Association is led by Co-Presidents Allison Harvey and Rose Shelton. Visit www.amidonbowen.org to join.
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