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Hear The Candidates

The Hill Rag and Ward 6 Democrats will hold four candidate debates for the 2018 elections. The events are hosted by The Capitol Hill Restoration Society, CHAMPS, The Hill Center, The Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, Westminster Presbyterian Church and DC Republicans and the DC Democratic State Committee.

The Ward 6 Council Debates will be held on April 30 at the Hill Center and on June 5 at Westminster Presbyterian Church. They will include both Democratic and Republican contenders for the council seat.

A debate between the Democratic candidates for the Council Chair will be held at Westminster Presbyterian on May 3.

The Democratic candidates for At-Large seat will debate on May 8 at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

All debates will begin promptly at 7 pm and last 2 hours.

Questions for the candidates may be submitted by email to debate@www.hillrag.com. Please put Ward 6, Chair or At-Large in the subject line.

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