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The 9 Lives of Blue Castle

What do you know about the Blue Castle? This enigmatic structure located at the base of Eighth St. SE, directly across from the historic La Trobe Gate at the Washington Naval Yard stands. Visitors often inquire about the history and the current use of this majestic structure. The Blue Castle has housed many things since its beginning in the late 1800’s. Students at Richard Wright, located there, studied the history of the Blue Castle and applied skills learned in media arts and journalism to produce this video on “The 9 Lives of Blue Castle.”

The Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts works to transform students in grades 8 through 12 into well-versed media contributors by offering a student-centered approach that connects students to the classics and modern languages. This project, the 9 Lives of the Blue Castle, is one of school’s many projects. Visit www.richardwrightpcs.org for more information.

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