Watch for Children Walking to Maury’s Temporary Home

January Brings New Student Pedestrian Patterns


Maury Elementary is moving to its new temporary location on the fields at Eliot-Hine. Beginning January 4th, classes will take place in the Maury “Village,” trailers on the east side of the middle school campus, located in the 1800 block of Constitution NE.

In an effort to minimize additional vehicle traffic, Maury’s Safe Routes to School Committee is helping to organize Walking School Buses and Bike Trains. Under this model, the parents of one or two families escort all of the families’ children to and from school one day a week, limiting the daily impact of the new commute on families. Please watch out for these additional little feet (and wheels) around the neighborhood.

The Committee is also working with DDOT to improve safety in the area, and was successful in securing plans and a Notice of Intent for two raised crosswalks and three curb extensions. Earlier this year DDOT also installed a much-needed sidewalk on the south side of Constitution across from Eliot-Hine.

Maury families look forward to returning to their new school building in time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. For the latest on design and construction plans check out the school website at

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