The Poetic Hill – December 2017


A long-time lover of reading and writing, DC area native Jordi Rozenman has been a high school English teacher and is now a college counselor for high school students at a DC school. She has a B.A. from Goucher College, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, and earned her teaching license at George Mason University. Jordi has been a selected poetry reader for the DC literary reading series, The Inner Loop, and was a featured reader at the Poets’ Corner@Tunnicliff’s open-mic event in May.

Books and Gold
I read books like medicine
What would Atticus do
And if you’re looking for wisdom undistilled
Aslan the Lion, and Dumbledore.
Of course.
And I take my metaphors literally
So the center, then, is calm
This calm the absolute
A byproduct of wisdom, clearly,
Or the seed, or both
And you could almost
Get it from Jane Eyre,
That is the result, perhaps,
Of existing as your own rock.

What would they say
Now if they could see us
Not much,
They would not say much, and
How is it
That in our love we can
Appropriate them to use
Against each other
There should be
Some physical barrier
Preventing such a grave
Misreading of purity
Which hurts
In a way that pins and twists
But go back
To them and go back deeper
And you’ve got the devil and that Bible; Shakespeare.
He knew.

Keep mining, and mining and mining
And then clear it out and hold it in your heart
And out in your hand because
The common ground is only calm
And writing a story is building
And poetry is excavation                                                                                                                                  

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