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Get 35% off at Sushi Hachi!

Special offer to all Sushi Lovers! As part of @Sushihachi’s Grand Opening celebration, now through Monday, Dec 11th, get 35% off dinner simply by mentioning the Sushi Hachi ad in the Hill Rag!

Sushi Hachi is the newest restaurant to open on Barracks Row (at 735 8th Street, SE) and brings DC the promise of food the way it is supposed to be – simple, true to its origins, and affordable.

When owner, chef, and restaurateur Steve Yoon took over Sushi Rock in Arlington, VA, he had a vision in mind: to bring together the high quality of fish he experienced in Asia with the modernity of the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. Seven years later, he has brought his vision to fruition with Sushi Hachi.

Steve Yoon and his team combine more than 17 years of experience in the art of sushi. Steve’s handpicked team of chefs include those who have earned their keep in the motherland of sushi – Japan.

With their extensive knowledge and experience, the team at Sushi Hachi takes on the art of traditional sushi with an innovative drive. An amalgamation of traditional Japanese nigiri and simple, yet modern temaki (hand rolls), Sushi Hachi uses the freshest ingredients to create sushi as it was meant to be.

On a neighborhood Facebook group, a Sushi Hachi diner posted to say that Sushi Hachi is becoming one of their Capitol Hill favorites, saying it was “Impressively high quality for reasonable prices. We’ve been twice and it’s only gotten better in the last month. I’m gonna say it–top 5 sushi in DC.”

Make your reservation today by calling 202-640-1881. Walk-ins welcome.


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