Don’t Miss Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton

@ The Pearl Street Warehouse on Nov. 29

Photo Credit: Eden Batki

Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton stride the boards of the Pearl Street Warehouse on Nov. 29. Many will recognize the two as founding members of The Be Good Tanyas. The duo are touring in support of their latest album, “Wildflower Blues.”

Holland and Parton had not played together in years, since Holland departed the Tanyas after the band’s first year. When Holland contacted Parton after finishing touring for her last album, she found her recovering from two serious car accidents which had left the singer unable to perform. Parton had done nothing musically for over three years.

Once Parton had sufficiently recovered, the duo started performing in low-key venues. They focused on covering Townes Van Zandt and Velvet Underground tunes. The experience motivated them to decamp for the studio. Inspired by the sounds of Bob Dylan’s 1969 Nashville Skyline, they created “Wildflower Blues.”

“The spirit of it is all about collaboration and friendship,” says Parton. “To me, more than even the songs themselves, it’s all about what went into this record—the history and the friendships and all the different roads that Jolie and I have traveled to end up making music together again. I think we know that is the beginning of more collaboration between us. I feel like this is our first album.”

The intimate stage of the Pearl Street Warehouse is the perfect venue to catch the two. Make sure to order some tater tots to accompany this treat for the ears.