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Jefferson Ultimate Plays Deal Tournament

Alice Deal Middle School hosted their annual Halloween themed Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Oct. 28. ‘Dealoween’ consisted of two Deal teams, Jefferson Academy, DC International, and a team from both Arlington and Fairfax. The cool fall weather made for great Ultimate, and the level of play remained high throughout the day. Per tradition, the event culminated with a massive candy drop, with pounds of candy being showered onto eager players. Overcoming the exhaustion gathered from over three hours of Ultimate, the players gained a second wind as they sprinted around gathering all the candy they could reach.

Participating at only their 2nd tournament in team history, Jefferson Academy was the talk of the tournament. Despite a slight breeze that made throwing challenging, Jefferson Academy was able to score a couple goals in each game they played. Players never missed out on a chance to dive on the turf when the disc came their way.

Jefferson Academy signals for the pull

High fives and great sportsmanship were a constant for Jefferson, even being given out from the player who had the disc, mid game! Even when games stopped, Jefferson continued to form new friendships by playing “500” with opposing teams in between rounds. The positive energy displayed throughout the tournament earned Jefferson Academy the trophy for ‘Most Spirited’, a prestigious honor in Ultimate Frisbee.

Author Rowan McDonnell is the founder of American Ultimate Academy (AUA). A passionate player and student of the game, Rowan noticed the growth of Ultimate quickly outpacing available coaching, training, and instructional materials. Rowan formed AUA with the goal of providing the Ultimate community with the best training and instructional resources available. AUA is committed to ensuring the growth and development of Ultimate players on and off the field. As members of the Ultimate community, AUA takes seriously its responsibility to honor the Spirit of the Game while instilling the values of hard work, dedication, and integrity. AUA is dedicated to growing the sport of Ultimate and giving players the tools necessary to reach their potential.

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