DPW Offers New Booting and Towing Notification Alert Service

Drivers can be notified if car is towed, booted or relocated

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Drivers can enroll in a new service offered by the DC Department of Public Works (DPW) to receive electronic notifications if their vehicle is booted, towed, or relocated in the District.

More than 50,000 vehicles are towed or booted (when a clamp is place on the wheel of a vehicle to prevent it from being moved) in the District each year. Currently drivers can call the DPW’s towed vehicle locator hotline at (202) 541-6083 to determine where to retrieve a towed or relocated vehicle.

Now, there is a new Tow and Boot Alert System that will notify enrolled drivers if a boot has been installed on or removed from their vehicle, or if it has been towed or relocated by DPW or a company working on its behalf.

“DPW is employing technology in a number of ways to increase the quality of service we deliver,” said DPW Director Christopher Shorter. “Drivers will now receive near instant notifications about the status of their booted or towed vehicle through the new Tow and Boot Alert System.”

Cars registered in any U.S. state can be entered into the system online at the DPW website.

DPW provides essential city services in two distinct program areas: environmental services/solid waste management and parking enforcement. Both contribute to making District streets and public spaces clean, safe, attractive and accessible for all residents, businesses, commuters and visitors.