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Peregrine Espresso Celebrates Ninth Anniversary

Peregrine Espresso is celebrating their ninth anniversary! All day Tuesday September 5th, the cafes will be giving away free drip and iced coffee at all three of the Peregrine Espresso shops. Other giveaways will be offered, as well.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating nine years on the Hill and look forward to sharing many more years with our Eastern Market neighbors,” said Ryan Jensen, who founded the shop together with his wife, Jill Jensen.

The first shop, the Capitol Hill Peregrine at 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, opened in August 2008, followed by another shop at 1718 14th St. NW. The Union Market Peregrine Espresso at 1309 Fifth St. NE opened together with the market in 2012.

Jensen said that all three shops would be serving Peregrine’s own roast as their birthday gift coffees, a Small Planes Arboretum Seasonal Blend. The varieties of Small Planes espresso are roasted at the company’s own roastery right here in the District.

Peregrine Espresso and the Small Planes Roastery are featured in the story, “Going Places with ‘Small Planes,’” in the September issue of the Hill Rag.

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