The Poetic Hill – August 2017


Brenda D. Hudson has been writing poetry and songs since she was nine years old, and says that writing has always been a way for her to express her creativity. Her inspirations are as diverse as her poetry. She has had work published, including a poem that appeared here in 2015, “You Don’t Get to Define Me!” She hopes someday to compile an anthology of her work, but reports that she is currently “literally fighting for my life as I have an advanced stage of breast cancer.”

But you can’t put sugar on it!

That woman is beautiful just like me, just like me but you can’t put sugar on it
That man is fine, real fine but you can’t put sugar on it
Love is a mystery a real mystery to me but you can’t put sugar on it
Life is interesting, complex and unique but you can’t put sugar on it
We are all fearfully and wonderfully made but you can’t put sugar on it
Give me a bowl of rice krispies and I can put sugar on it

Cindy Lindsey-McMickens has been a Hill resident all her life. While her writing has mostly been for the Federal and DC governments, she is in the process of publishing a book of poems. Two photos accompany her poem below: one was taken from the inside of her house when the lights were disconnected because she was unemployed and couldn’t pay her electric bill. She notes that the view looks like a tent with an inset cross, showing that “even during the hard times, God is there, providing light.” The other photo shows her favorite hat, which she hopes will remind all who read her poems that “many of life’s problems are won by how we first view them in our head and mind.”

Yet In this Darkness,
I See Light

Today the lights were off – a gain, 3 days, 2 nights I sob;
And yes!  I have applied for work, but still await a job.

Without the means to pay the bill, I’m at our Maker’s will;
’though not too proud to ask for help, I am afraid to steal.

Yet in this darkness – I see Light, because our savior rose;
I won’t complain because he said that God already knows.

Almighty rescues, with great deeds, all from his awesome hand;
for anyone who trusts in Truth, hoping that God can.

So do not fear, just pray and wait, for God’s amazing face;
To shine relief, restoring life as Love – redeeming Grace!

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