Barre3: Community Within A Workout

A Barre3 class focusing on core strengthening. Photo: @barre3dc

Interested in a workout location that offers a balance of exercise, nourishment, and connection? The community at Barre3 Union Station is built on these three pillars, nourishing the whole body while maintaining balance day in and day out.

Upon walking into the clean, crisp studio space, I was greeted with welcoming and friendly smiles by the front-desk personnel, instructors, and classmates. Having never engaged in a Barre3 class, I was taking on something new and different from my regular routine – which was a good thing!

After entering the class studio, I grabbed a pair of three-pound dumbbells and a ball, then immediately found a location along the wall to place my water and equipment. The nearly full class started promptly. I followed instructor Chandler’s exercise lead, which involved a mixture of ballet, barre, Pilates, and yoga.

The simplicity of fusing body weight, a ball, and light dumbbells into the workout routine can be greatly beneficial, as the focus is to hold, move small, and move big throughout. When I held certain movements, I was focusing on aligning the body, engaging certain muscles, and building the mind-body connection. When performing exercises that had subtle moves, I was building strength and maintaining proper form. Then, when performing exercise that involved bigger movements, I was further strengthening the muscles with an emphasis on functional strength for everyday activities.

In a typical working Hillian’s day, we find ourselves structurally imbalanced from one muscle group to the next. By balancing the muscles that allow us to move throughout the day, we are helping to limit injuries, enabling us to further enjoy the things we love most in life.

Barre3 classes emphasize balancing out the body. “Often the front of the body is strong and inflexible, but we focus on strengthening the back, seat, legs, and core,” shared instructor Chandler. I agree with this. Many individuals I work with have improper strength, mobility, and flexibility from one muscle group to the next, which can lead to discomfort, injuries, and the body’s inability to function as it should.

Jessica, a local Barre3 enthusiast, shared her love for Barre3 as her home away from home: “I enjoy the workouts not only for the excellent full-body focus but for the sense of community.”

Barre3 is “a cool community, more than anything,” mentioned KQ, the studio manager at Barre3 Union Station. “The people make it. It’s not just a workout, it’s the familiar faces week in and week out that keep you wanting to be here and enjoy the workouts.”

This being my first Barre3 class, I’m thrilled to know that Barre3 Union Station is an open community focused on helping everyone feel welcome while getting a great workout.

It is important to feel strong and balanced, building lean muscles, a strong core, and proper body alignment, something Barre3 Union Station does exceptionally well. Empowering each person to modify postures and develop body awareness is key for lasting results. Health benefits include improved posture, digestion, and maintaining optimal weight.

The classes range from the early morning to evening and weekend hours, leaving plenty of options to choose from. The amenities involve a shower, bathroom, changing area, toiletries, and lobby lounge area with seating and lockers.

Instructor Chandler was a delight to have for my first Barre3 experience. Her positive and humorous guidance was a joy throughout the class. In addition, her subtle exercise-form critiques were a breath of fresh air, being sure not to make individuals feel uncomfortable in class. Stop by and speak with the friendly and welcoming staff.

For more information about Barre3 classes, times, and instructors visit the website at Stop over and say hi at 701 Second St. NE, or call 202-735-5465.

Stacy Peterson, M.Sc. human nutrition and functional medicine, CNS, CHHC, CSCS, is a functional nutritionist, holistic health, wellness, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition and physical training to individuals of all ages on the Hill. She provides an integrative approach, critical to everyone’s healthcare and performance team, helping individuals reach their health goals. For recipes, nutrition ideas, and exercise tips sign up for her monthly newsletter at Connect with Stacy by email,, or by calling 805-704-7193 for a free 15-minute consultation, to ask questions and discuss how she can help you achieve your digestion, overall health, and fitness goals.