Be Your Own CEO

Mitt work with Head Coach Eric Buckner.

Looking for a boutique boxing gym that is friendly and not intimidating? Are you interested in a motivating and fun place to call home for your weekly workouts?

Nuboxx Fitness, Capitol Hill’s new boxing gym, offers a wide range of boxing classes for individuals of all levels and ages. You’ll receive your individualized, heart-pounding workout while focusing on technically sound boxing and training techniques that help you keep in shape and reach your personal health goals.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Will, a former mixed martial arts (MMA) amateur boxer, throughout one of Nuboxx’s boxing conditioning classes. From warmup to warm-down we engaged in agility drills, boxing techniques with and without the bag, and core strengthening exercises, in addition to having the opportunity to take turns punching at Will’s mitts. This being my first boxing class, I appreciated the individualized attention and instant feedback on my technique. Transferring from Will’s mitts back to the bag, I could make corrections in my punching technique.

Chris, one of Nuboxx’s clients, is thrilled to call Nuboxx his workout home. “Everyone at Nuboxx is open, friendly, and easy to connect with, which has made me feel comfortable every time I walk in the door,” he explained. Nuboxx’s clean atmosphere and open lounge area are inviting too.

For Chris, Nuboxx provides focus during workouts, helping to make his personal health and fitness goals a reality. “As a working professional, I need something that gets me the results I want while keeping in mind my busy work schedule and limited time,” he remarked.

One excellent aspect, among many, of these boxing workouts is the beauty of being present. Workouts enable you to focus on technique and what you are doing in present time. You forget about aspects of life that might be troubling. By enjoying the movements, music, and laughter with other enthusiasts you gain a sense of stress relief. “Being so unplugged helps to recover and deal with outside stressors and things life throws at you,” stated founder and owner Rachel Snider.

Snider started Nuboxx due to her passion for boxing and her desire to create an enjoyable boxing environment. “Boxing was becoming a new fun workout around the country, but DC was lacking it,” she said. After three years in the making, with a lot of work, Nuboxx has officially opened.

Nuboxx is a believer in you should be your own CEO – an acronym for “Conquer” whatever life throws at you, “Evolve” into the best form of yourself, and “Outperform” in all aspects of life. “Be your own CEO” pertains to your workout and to all areas of life. “In the gym you are pretty much fighting yourself,” stated Snider. Essentially it’s about being your best and continuing to strive to be your best. And by putting yourself around other like-minded individuals who want to be their best, you too will grow more within yourself, becoming better each day. You deserve it. After all, there is only one you. #BEYOUROWNCEO

The small group classes, capped at 12, provide an intimate workout experience for those of all levels and abilities. Those like me who have no boxing experience are welcome no matter the shape, size, or location in the boxing journey. Nuboxx focuses on providing great workouts and teaching wonderful skill sets that are going to enhance individual strengths.

Nuboxx opened last month and had its friendly grand opening on Saturday, March 18, with free classes, giveaways, and samples from Arbonne, Role Tea, and Gouter. If you are on the fence about joining Nuboxx, I recommend attending one of the classes as your first one is free. What do you have to lose?

Nuboxx offers technical boxing, boxing conditioning, 30/30, and strength and conditioning workouts. You can find more information about workouts, times, and coaches at, or stop by and talk with the friendly and welcoming staff at 701 Second St. NE. They’ll be happy to meet you.


Stacy Peterson, MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, CNS, CSCS, is a functional nutritionist, holistic health coach, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition and physical training to individuals of all ages on the Hill. She provides an integrative approach critical to everyone’s healthcare and performance team. For recipes, nutrition ideas, and exercise tips sign up for her monthly newsletter at Connect with Stacy by email,, or by calling 805-704-7193 for a free 15-minute consultation to ask questions, and discuss how she can help you achieve your digestion, overall health, and fitness goals.