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Stress Relief While Building Your Inner Worrier

Are you looking for some stress relief? Maybe you would like to incorporate more physical activity into your regimen? At Samurai Training Academy you can reap the benefits of both stress relief and physical activity, getting two birds with one stone. Learning and improving your martial arts skills in karate, jujitsu, and sword can help enhance your physical strength and your mental focus and calmness too.

The Samurai Training Academy’s dojo is located in the heart of Capitol Hill on the same block as Mr. Henry’s, on Pennsylvania Ave SE, directly above Barrel between Sixth and Seventh streets SE.

After walking into this prime location to participate in a karate class one evening, I was greeted with welcoming smiles, a clean environment, and a dojo that was comfortable even for a beginner like me.

Our informative instructor, Tom, divided us into two groups, consisting of a larger more experienced group and a small beginner group. Our beginners group was taken through a series of exercises while the other students engaged in progressively more challenging movements to prepare them for an upcoming karate test.

We beginners started with a warmup, then transitioned into a series of punches and kicks with and without the punching and kicking shields. Next we partnered to practice our new movements with each other. The moves advanced our balance, total body strength, and focus, especially when transitioning from one movement to the next.

The class was challenging, educational and fun, something individuals of all ages and levels can enjoy.

One of the students, Jmaw, who works on the Hill, has been active in karate and jujitsu classes since November. “I needed something that would be a stress reliever due to the election. I felt like this was the perfect fit,” Jmaw stated. “The teachers are amazing in their ability to break down the multiple movements into single movements before having us put them all together.”

The classes bring individuals of various background and locations together, learning from and with each other. Samurai Training Academy has weekly and weekend classes, offering plenty of options for kids and adults alike.

“Our school is a direct connection with Japan. We have a deep and meaningful lineage to the founders. Our senior instructor is Yoshikazu Nakamura. You do not see that in many schools,” stated Sensei Bob Lowry.

The instructors adapt to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, in addition to patiently providing coaching cues that enable participants to learn the challenging movements with ease.

Building your inner worrier and providing stress relief from your hectic week are two of the many benefits students gain in attending Samurai Training Academy. Students have mentioned how they have lost weight, feel stronger, stand taller, and have better posture. What do you have to lose?

For more information or to attend a class at Samurai Training Academy visit www.samuraitrainingacademy.com. You can also contact Bob Lowry directly at boblowry@samuraitrainingacademy.com or visit the dojo at 613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.


Stacy Peterson, MS, CSCS, CHHC, is a functional nutrition educator, holistic health coach, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition and physical training for individuals of all ages and activities on the Hill. She offers an integrative aspect to everyone’s healthcare and performance team. For recipes and nutrition and exercise tips sign up for the monthly newsletter at www.accelerationsports.net. To see how we can help you achieve your health and/or fitness goals contact Acceleration Sports by emailing stacy@accelerationsports.net or calling 805-704-7193.

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